Thursday, July 14, 2011

Angels #1 - Don Harvey and Fred Pardo

Gratitude is important. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own stuff and I assume that people know how grateful I am for their support. Sometimes what seems like a miss-communication can lead to something positive. I am going to begin a series to honor those people in my life who have been angels to me. They deserve it, and nobody, no matter how self sufficient is successful alone. The universe always brings our good through other people. I begin today to make gratitude a priority in my life. The more grateful you are the more things you have to be grateful about.

My First Angel is really 2 angels - Donald Harvey and his Husband Fred Pardo

Don and Fred have been involved with Bearapalooza for many years. They have always been very entusiastic about what the festival stood for and always stood by me even when others didnt understand. Whenever someone brought negative energy, Don and Fred stood up for the ideals of the brotherhood and did everything they could to help it prosper. During our 2008 tour they opened thier home to a van load of cranky, smelly musicians and made us feel right at home. At shows, Don always goes above and beyond the call of duty, bringing in equipment, playing bass on everyones set, rehearsing hours of music. He often volunteers to take a pay cut so we can afford to include more musicians. He restrings my guitar every time I see him. He brings so much to every Bearapalooza. Don is an incredible musician. His album "Good Clean Fun" is full of witty sexy songs that are clever and catchy with outstanding musicianship. The album celebrates a raw masculinity with a wicked sense of play that is both naughty and innocent. His husband Fred is always right there to help with Merchandising, setting up a nice table that is well decorated, and sells for the artists, keeping track of all the sales. He always has a warm smile and positive energy to share. Fred and Don have also recently helped Jay and I make a big transition in our life. It would not have been possible without thier help.  I am blessed to know Don and Fred and grateful for the blessings they have shared with me. They are angels.

Thank You Don and Fred for all the blessings you bring to my life ! 

Take a moment to acknowledge the angels in your life. 

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