Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lessons from Loss

... Something happened that I feel is a gross injustice. For the past 36 hours or so it has sent me into a tear filled spiral of depression, anger and self pity. It is highlighting every other struggle I have had recently, a bitter feeling of betrayal by someone I worked very hard for, the anti gay stuff in the media the stuff on Wall- Street. I was having trouble seeing any hope or light. I want to share the turning point. Maybe it will help someone else. When I feel that way, and I sit around asking why I feel that way and trying to fight it, I just feel stuck. Feelings are feelings , they are not who we are. When I just let sadness or anger or bitterness be there, and just notice them, when I observe what I am feeling I can start to see what it is trying to teach me and I just accept it as a fact and move toward a better feeling. Maybe its OK to be a little sad at a loss of something important to me, maybe its OK to be angry at injustice. What is not OK is to become those feelings. Fighting with them, asking for justification of them etc. is only holding them in place. I get stuck when I think I either need to be miserable or "all better". It is not always that black and white, sometimes you have to be willing to be in the grey and move through it to something better. It is OK to be grey knowing that what you are at the core is peace and that you are on your way to clarity of that truth. So, if you feel like I have, It's OK; FEEL angry, FEEL sad, dont BE angry or BE sad. Realize its just an emotion trying to show you something, don't allow your actions to flow from that place, the emotions are showing you what does not feel good, move toward what does ! ... What CAN you do about misfortune and injustice ? Refuse to be a victim, take the actions you CAN take and DECIDE that even though you are angry sad bitter etc, You are a wonderful light of God and that it WILL get better. - Namaste

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