About Me

We are not unworthy 
wrong or flawed ...
We are good and holy ..
One with G.O.D. 
Through the Eyes of Love 

Who am I ? I am not a body, I am a unique perspective of the oneness of all things. Not separate at all. I am beyond fear. I am love. 

Who am I enjoying BEING in this 3-D space-time?  I am student and a teacher, named Freddy Freeman:

Freddy Freeman has always been drawn to express himself through music. In his teens he began writing songs and learned to play piano and guitar. It wasn't until his early 30's that he began to put himself out into the world as a songwriter. His journey has been a study in the meaning of identity, expressing himself first through a blossoming LGBT music scene in NYC in 2001, he quickly took on the role of organizer of various GLBT music events and playing Pride festivals, and was nominated three times for Outmusician of the year.  In 2002 he created Bearapalooza, a music event for performers who identify with the gay subculture known as "Bears". Through Bearapalooza, he explored issues of body image, masculinity and gender expression. During this time he did a lot of gigs around NY and recorded his debut album "Break the Silence". Break the Silence was described as an album that knows no genre. It blends all his influences into a rich stew of American Popular Music. Break The Silence showcases the versatility and talent of a unique singer/songwriter. With songs about the complexity of relationships,the excitement of being young and out on the town, a nostalgic tribute to his hometown, letting go, and standing up to proclaim self worth, Break The Silence takes you along on one man’s journey of self-discovery. The journey continues today as Freddy embarks on a new journey beyond his past concepts of identity. His discovery of a new spiritual path of truth has led him to create new music with themes of Forgiveness, Love, Spirit, Gratitude and Divinity. He is currently writing a new electro world gospel album and has already been performing several  of the new songs, as well as documenting his process with YouTube videos of the songs int their raw early form. He looks forward to his music being a ministry of Joy, Love and Peace that will uplift people and help them to see the God in one another and in themselves. Freddy is also a full time resident and the Front Desk Manager at Easton Mountain, where he also produces events like Bear Your Soul and facilitates workshops on music and body image and spirituality.He has his own Audio Production company called Ear 2 the Ground Audio, which has produced albums and remixes for Charles K. Brown, Roger Mapes, Michael Aaron West, Kendall Kelly, Ron Morris, and more!!