Bearapalooza is the thing I am most associated with in 3D Space-Time. It is a music festival of sorts for Bears. It has brought me so much joy over the past 8.5 years and some pain, but mostly joy ! I have met and shared music and so much more with so many wonderful fellow travelers. I am grateful for all of them, both the ones still in my life and the ones who have chosen other paths. I love you all ! I don't know what Bearapalooza will do in the coming years other than an annual event at Roy's Hideaway, and of course the 10 year anniversary Nov 11th 2012 in NYC ! It has been said that Bearapalooza is my baby, and I think now I am OK with the idea that it is growing up and will let me know what it wants to do. I am glad to bless it as it evolves!

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From the website8 years ago, singer-songwriter Freddy Freeman put together a concert of musicians and performers of the Bear community, and called it Bearapalooza. Since that first show in 2002 in New York City, 2002, Bearapalooza has traveled around the USA , touching the lives of countless musicians and music fans, bringing a special sense of diversity and pride wherever it goes,and has grown into a national musical celebration of ursine brotherhood. Bearapalooza has had successful music festivals in New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Nashville, Milwaukee, Detroit, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Savannah, Indianapolis, Chicago, Rochester, Albany, Raleigh, Louisville, and Dade City Florida, showcasing the incredible talents of Bear artists like Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, Max Christopher, Tommy Johns, Kendall, The Future Villain Band, Nekked, Charles K. Brown, the Bootlickers, Rockcub, Martin Swinger, Bobaloo, Andy Northrup, Freddy Freeman, Dave Montana and so many others. Bearapalooza has been covered in Attitudes UK, Time Out NY, The Church Street Freedom Press, the NY Blade, Philadelphia Gay News, Seattle Gay News, and many other national and local publications, and has been featured on various Radio Programs and Podcasts such as Sirius OutQ, B-Talk, BearPodcast, HomoPod Radio, Queer Music Heritage on KPFT in Houston, Quest of Life on WRPI in Troy NY, the Bear Radio Network and many more. The first Bearapalooza was also featured in a story on the PBS program "Under the Pink Carpet"  Founder Freddy Freeman says" Bearapalooza has something to offer everyone whether you are a bear or not, because we celebrate diversity, positive body image, and positive attitudes about gender. Plus the music is top notch quality work by amazing artists crossing all genre lines. "I am proud to once again be showcasing these talented artists and celebrating this diverse community. Bearapalooza is now based out of Collins Georgia, at Freddy's home "Roy's Hideaway Campground, where huge Spring and Fall Bearapalooza events are held annually.